Nothing succeeds like success! True! Definitions of success vary from person to person based on age, sex, nationality, religion, culture. Some people strive for success which could be worldly or very simply materialistic. Yet others could aim at achieving long term and far reaching goals which can break new grounds and salvage the lives of others physically and metaphorically.
In either case the life of successful people is not bed of roses. They are hard workers who have a definite aim charted out and work very hard to surmount the obstacles with steely resolve. They are people who are willing to tread the “untrodden path” take initiatives and risks and confidence and discipline. They do not buckle under pressure and failure or get carried away by praise till their goal is reached. Their sense of purpose helps them to inculcate qualities like confidence, vision, intelligence, and proficiency. At the core of all these wonderful qualities lies a powerful key ingredient called concentration which paves way to success. It is mandatory for potential winner to develop his talent, dedication and determination with unadulterated concentration
                            Take a look at following Mahabharata episode
When Dronachary was training the Kuru princes in the martial arts, the students noticed that the teacher showed definite sense of partiality while training Arjuna. Hence the Acharya decided to conduct a little test to highlight the quotient of their focus on what they were learning as compared to that of Arjuna’s.Therefore, he placed a wooden bird on the branch f a tree and told his hundred and five students, that they were to consider the eye of the bird as their target and shoot an arrow. The pupils queued up to take the test and come to testing ground one by one. Each one was asked what he saw before he discharged the arrow. As each prince described the backdrop of target with eloquence they were not allowed to...