Concentration Cosideration


      As we have learned over the past two weeks Kudler Fine Foods has several issues that need to be addressed, however the one area that appeals to me the most is the advertising issue.


      Advertising for a company can be costly, and a lot of times business owners are not sure where to begin when it comes to advertising. Where should they advertise where they can get their name out there and become a well-known and reputable company?
When it comes to advertising, companies should first look into areas where they can advertise for free or little cost. This is the avenue I chose when advertising for my non-profit organization. I posted flyers at work, sent emails to my co-workers, friends and family and posted a link to the company website on my Facebook, and asked my friends and family to post the link on their Facebook as well, this allowed me not only to reach everyone on my friends list, but for those friends and family of mine that posted the link on their page, they were able to reach all of their friends and family as well. I also had business cards printed up for very little cost, which I hand out every chance I get. I hand them to cashiers at all the places I go and make purchases.
Advertising on other free websites such as Craigslist is also a cost effective way for companies to get their name out to the public.
Finding cost effective ways to advertise when establishing a company is a great way for beginning companies to start to get their name known while saving up money to allow for other advertising avenues, such as radio and/or television.


      The advertising issue relates to Kudler Fine Foods because at the moment the owner of Kudler Fine Foods is relying mainly of word of mouth to get her company name out to the public, while this is a great advertising tool, it takes more than a word of mouth to get the company name out to the public initially. Kathy does advertise on the radio occasionally,...