Computers Instead of Books

Computers instead of books
Computers reached high technical levels. They can be used for many different things,
especially when the internet cam up, it changed our life. Many people prefer computers rather
than books because it can be easier to deal with and do a research on. Information on  
internet gets updated from time to another. You can also use computer nearly anywhere with
your laptop and an internet if you want to make a research.

    Computers are easy to use for finding information on to start your research online. You can
easily find the basic ideas that you can start your research with, but you would have to read
books if you’re doing a deep research, because you can’t find all the details online. In school, if
we had online books on computers instead of books, we can understand the book more,
because the computer can read paragraphs to you with the correct pronouncing in some
programs. It can also translate the meaning of the words you’re reading, so it’s faster than
using a dictionary book to find them. Some student find it boring and hard to keep carrying
heavy books from school to home and between classes, so they might find it better to have
them in a computer. Also there’re some online websites that provide online teaching for many
different subjects where you can listen to lectures, do exercises, and it can also mark them for
you, so you can test yourself online! Therefore, having online school books can be easier than
having them in a bag, also its faster to search something online then books.


After both wireless network and laptops came out, people could use their laptops anywhere
they want where there is an internet connections. You can use your laptop while you’re in a
car, so if you needed to search anything you can do it quickly online, which can be easier than
going somewhere else and look it up in books. Some people prefer books to use saying that
you can do your research...