Computers in Cars



            Table of Contents

1.Computers in cars of today

2.Computers in cars of tomorrow

3.Computer in car of the future

4.Cons of having this technology



      1.   Cars of today rely more and more on computers, compared to the cars of the past. Technology is getting more advanced and the automobile  

industry has always been trying to use that to their advantage. The whole car is becoming a computer, more and more functions that used to be operated manually are now done electonically.The millions of microprocessors do a great amount of tasks. The engine and parts under the hood power the car, but its the microprocessors that tell it what to do. You would be surprised in exactly how many functions have something to do computers.






    Some of the major microprocessors are the airbag module, the ECU   which controls the engine functions, the driver's door module, climate control module, cruise control module, the transmission controller which controls automatic transmission, ABS module controls the anti-lock brakes and mayhandle the traction-control and stability-control systems. Instrument Panal which controls gauges and indicator lights, also the power distribution   box module controls relays in the power distribution box. The processor that's the most important is the ECU and it stands for the engine control unit. It controls the engine functions like the spark timing and obtaining the correct fuel and aie mixture to intake into the engine block. It can also manage the emissions and the fuel economy of the car, it does so by creating the perfect ratio of fuel/air mixture. The...