Computerized Entrance Examination

Chapter 1

<Discuss the system that you will improve and technology that you will apply to your project. You can add citations to justify the need for the proposed software and hardware device. Discuss the overview of the current state of technology, give the overview of the current condition of the topic>

A good introduction should contain a discussion of any or all of the following:

  a. Presentation of the problem
  b. The existence of unsatisfactory condition, a felt problem that needs a solution.
  c. Show the rationale and justification of choosing the subject.
  d. Historical or background of the problem.
  e. Geographical condition of the study locale.
  f. A link between the introduction and the statement of the problem.

Project Context

<Discuss the relevant facts about your project, reasons to conduct the project and the study. Mention the product perspective, describe the context and origin of the project.>
This section includes the setting of the identified research problem. The presentation should be directed into what the problem is investigating. It can include studies and literature, which can strengthen the reason for the investigation. The flow of the discussion should lead to the presentation of the problem.
On this part discuss the research problem and enumerate the specific problem.

Research Objective
<At the start of the presentation of the objectives state the problem and some discussions>
General Objective what the study intends to achieve
Specific Objective contains specific steps or procedure that must be untaken by the researcher.

Purpose and Description

<Identify the purpose of the project, the purpose of the software, its relevant benefits to the stakeholders, its goal and its system description. Provide a conceptual framework for the proposed system.>

Research Framework
Research framework can be conceptual or theoretical...