Computer Sciences

Statement of Purpose
In history, we read of “ages”, like the “Ancient Age”, the “Medieval Age”, and the “Modern Age”. There is only one name that fits the 21st century: the “Computer Age.” Today, Computers are used in almost all domains of life. Though created by man, they seem to rule the world. My lasting curiosity about this dominance coupled with my growing experience in the IT industry have led to my decision to undertake a master’s in Computer Science.
The subjects in my undergraduate program which did most to deepen my interest were “Computer Network Technology” and “Database Management Systems” in the fifth semester. The former taught me in detail about the individual layers of the network model and the various routing algorithms, and the latter solidified my understanding of efficient database management techniques.(What I learned in this course later helped me to successfully complete my certification exam in Oracle, thus becoming an Oracle Certified Associate or PL/SQL developer.)In my seventh semester, I studied “Object Oriented Modeling and Design”, which explained the application of object-oriented concepts to all the stages of the software development life cycle.
In my sixth semester I presented a seminar on “Time-efficient service discovery in Mobile P2P architectures using Bluetooth”. The topic required me to read a paper written by Andre Peters and Andreas Heuer which discussed two new approaches for improving the service discovery in Bluetooth, namely effective indexing of the COD(Class of Device) field and coordinator-based service discovery. I learnt that by leveraging the implicit broadcast capability of the Bluetooth inquiry procedure, the service discovery time can be significantly reduced; this in turn reduces the power consumption. Through a comparative study, the authors effectively explained how the new approaches are better than the native Bluetooth Service Discovery Protocol approach. The seminar gave me an occasion to learn about...