Computer Information System Paper

Computer Information System Paper

                                                Jimmy Johnson


                                                June 21, 2010

                                        Anita Rodriguez, M.A., CPA 

        Technology has created numerous avenues to improve computer systems more effectively integrated to meet Kindler foods business needs to improve accounting operations.   After conducting an environmental scan for key elements that were disseminated and are detailed below.   These key elements represent accounting information systems and programs to consider when seeking upgrading current operating procedures.

                                  Key Business and Accounting Information needs

          The current accounting system is based on revenue transactions or debit or credit transactions.   85% of sales of sales consists of electronic transfer of funds is not it is important that an accounting information system has the capability to grow and is simple to learn for employees.   The dependence of electronic transfer of funds, and security issues involve what those transfers need to be fully addressed to the point where there no doubts about the information coming from the different location currently maintain Kindler.

            Strengths and Weaknesses of current Computer System and Technology

          A major strength Kindler Fine Foods is point-of-sale (POS) module captures and reports all retail sales in detail. “Each cash register entry results in data transmitted to the: General Ledger (GL) Electronic Payment Clearing House Purchasing Function Data transmitted to the GL automatically calculates the merchandise Inventory based of FIFO.” (UOP)   Glaring weaknesses are the multiple bank accounts, and the dilemma cash transactions create for the

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