Computer Games

Computer games - are they good or bad?
I know it drives parents mad.
But for me I think it’s about balance,
and I just love the challenge!

Chairperson, ladies and gentleman, friends. I do not belief that computer games are all evil, let me tell you why.

I have always had problems with eye- hand coordination and fine motor skills because I am left handed.   After 2½ years of occupational therapy I started playing more computer games and guess what?   I do not battle with eye- hand coordination anymore.   According to computer and video games give your brain a real workout.

In the magazine Psychologies of February / March 2010 there is an article “Is the internet making us stupid”   by Renata Harper. Although the article is about the negative effects of technology there is a paragraph by Nicholos Carr that reads: “Every time we perform a task a set of neurons is activated” So it does makes us smarter!
Another positive influence of computer games is that it allows you to play with other people.   The whole family can even play together.   My dad has a brilliant golf game that not only taught me more about golf, but it also allows us to spend time together, while having fun.   When I play with my younger brother we have so much fun that we even forget to fight.   Some online games can even be played with kids from overseas and so you can form more friendships.

Computer games also teaches us more about computer technology and the online world, according to I can now work on the computer on my own and do   my own projects with internet.   The best is I can even show my mom a thing or two.

So, you see it is not all evil but I do think that we need to keep a balance between homework, sport, playing outside and enjoying all the technological challenges.