Compliance Plan

Compliance Plan for Riordan
Lori Smart
LAW 531
June 3, 2013
James Charnell

Compliance Plan for Riordan
To: The Management Team of Riordan Manufacturing
Subject: Corporate Compliance Plan for Riordan Manufacturing, Inc.
Riordan Manufacturing Inc. is a Fortune 1000 company that has revenue more than one billion dollars and employs 550 people and is a worldwide plastic manufacture. The majority of Riordan’s customers are automotive parts manufacturers, aircraft manufacturers, appliance manufacturers, the Department of Defense and beverage makers and beverage bottlers (Baihaqi, 2010). There are many different plastic products that Riordan Manufacturing Inc., heart valves; medical stents are a few of their products. Riordan Manufacturing has four worldwide locations and their headquarters are located in San Jose, California. Baihaqi (2010), “Riordan Manufacturing Focus is industry leaders in using polymer materials to provide solutions to our customer’s challenges. Six Sigma, leading edge R&D and exceeding ISO 9000 standards define the attitude and abilities of Riordan Manufacturing. Theirs R&D are, and will remain, the industry leader in identify industry trends. Theirs Customer Relationships Long-term relationships will be required by maintaining rigorous quality controls, innovative solution, reasonable pricing and a responsive business attitude. Riordan Manufacturing will strive to be a solution provider for theirs customers and not be a part of theirs customer’s challenges. Riordan Manufacturing Future is must be focused in maintaining and achieving reasonable profitability to assure that the human capital and financial is available for sustained growth.” The compliance plan will cover the legal responsibilities and any laws that will affect the industry, and give guidelines for the managers and employees so that they know and understand the laws Riordan Manufacturing Employees will maintain an innovative and team-oriented working environment. By...