Compliance Plan

Riodan Corporate Compliance Plan
Business Law/ Law531
December 21, 2011

Mission Statement
“To meet the challenges of our customers by being the industry leader in using polymer materials to create unique innovative plastic designs” ("Riordan Manufacturing", 2004).
The purpose of this paper is to present a corporate compliance plan for a major plastic manufacturing company called Riordan. In this plan, the following aspects will be addressed: enterprise liability, real and intellectual property, governance principles of regulatory compliance requirements, and the specific international laws or aspects of the law that must be adhered to by Riordan and an outline of these steps for employees to adhere to these laws. Riordan is a global manufacturing company employing 550 people. Riordan’s annual earnings are projected at 46 million, making Riordan Industries one of the companies on the Fortune 1000 list ("Riordan Manufacturing", 2004). Riordan has plants in Georgia, China, Michigan, and San Jose. Riordan’s research and development is done at their corporate headquarters in San Jose. The major customers of Riordan are aircraft manufacturer, automotive manufacturers, appliance manufacturers, bottle makers and beverage producers, and the Department of Defense ("Riordan Manufacturing", 2004). Riordan’s plastic designs have earned them international praise. Riordan takes pride in their ability to pay attention to detail, quality control, and precision. Since Riordan has plants all around the world they have the capacity to fit their customer’s needs.
Corporate Compliance Overview:
Riordan has created this compliance plan to provide emphasis of their devotion to compliance with State and Federal law, as well as ethical business practices. Each employee of Riordan will be given a copy of the plan and it will be the sole responsibility of Riordan officers and directors to make sure the employee fully understands and complies with all policies and...