Competitive Analysis of Aftab Poultry


“Analyzing Competitors of AFTAB”

  Chapter One                   Introduction |

The growth of the poultry industry during the last few years is one of the remarkable success stories of Bangladesh. New technologies have been introduced, and production has shot up in
day-old chick, broiler and egg sectors. The number of DOC broiler has increased from 200,000 in 1995 to about 40, 00,000 now. Aftab firm is the only integrated and the largest poultry industry in Bangladesh that maintains the whole poultry chain from Grand Parent to Further Processed Chicken. AFTAB produces poultry feed, fish feed and cattle feed in its modern feed mills and distributes them all over the country through its own distribution network. Due to the shot up in day-old chick production competition is greater than before. And to meet up the growing demand existing farms are enlarging their production capacity. At the same time lots of new farms are entering into the industry. In 2004 poultry industry went through a great disaster because of bird flu panic. Some number of farms went out of business. And to prevent bird flu recently Government has banned import of chicks. This effect creates a crisis in the market.
And the price of the chicks rose from 22 taka last year to 35 to 38 taka each. And to be a part of this profit those farms went out of business are now entering again. Aftab farms Group occupies a great pie of the total market share. So likely Aftab group is an orientation point for most of the farms. Most of the farms are trying to imitate them. Like a new entrant ACI Godrej hired some personnel from Aftab Farms, who knows lots of secrets of Aftab   farms. Another farm CP Bangladesh is growing at a challenging way. Like them most of the farms production growth is noticeable. In this situation of the market Aftab farms need to make an...