Competion Essay

The Pros of Competition Outweigh the Cons                                                                       2
My argument on this paper is that competition is a good thing in the world.   It has flaws or cons but those are outweighed by the pros.   Competition does so many things today.   Why are sports so entertaining to watch?   Two teams are competing to win.   Why do wars occur?   They occur because nations are competing over a conflict.   The world right now is having a war against terrorism led by the United States since the attacks on September 11, 2001.   Businesses thrive today because of competition in a free market economy.   Not in a controlled economy, such as communism.   Goals are set to allow us to succeed.   The motivation or desire to achieve those goals shows how competitive we are as individuals or how bad we want to win.   The Revolutionary War was a competition that was won and it allows us to live in a free country today.
Keywords: Competition, goals, motivation

The Pros of Competition Outweigh the Cons
Competition occurs in just about every aspect of daily life today.   Whether it is while playing sports or driving to work.   Competition is the act of competing; rivalry for supremacy, a prize (   This is a good thing because competition is a motivational tool.   Either you will succeed or fail.   There are no gray areas or loop holes in it.   The opportunity it creates for people in the world is the reason why it is so affective.  
Some people believe that competition is a bad thing and there is too much of it in the world.   Can competition create problems?   The answer is yes.   Nothing is perfect is perfect.   Everything has flaws.   Competition can be bad in business, the economy/government, life, and war.   In business it is cutthroat.   Businesses are constantly competing for customers.   They do this by making better products at cheaper prices.   The best product at the cheapest price will get the...