Compensated Dating

The recent story of a 16-year-old girl who was murdered whilst undergoing compensated dating has shocked the entire society and raised concerns about many teenagers providing companionship and sex to men or women for gifts and money in Hong Kong. Also, the ensuing cases of girls engaging in compensated dating have also revealed that it has become a growing trend among teens in Hong Kong. In this letter, I would like to look into the reasons and social impact to teenagers and give my opinion on this issue.
    One of the reasons is that teenagers are living in a totally materialistic society and they cannot resist the materialistic temptations. Actually, nowadays young people place more value over a material life rather than a spiritual one. They assume that possessing brand-name products can be a way to show off or cater for their desire. Therefore, many of them begin a life of prostitution aiming at satisfying their vanity.
    Another reason for youngsters being willing to date or sleep with strange people for money is that in their view they are not prostitution because the choice is held on their hands and they can quit anytime. They also misunderstand that compensated dating is not immoral as it may not involve sex. Hence, they just think of money and continue doing this kind of thing.
    What a worrying fact it is to know that many teenagers do not aware of the deadly consequences and do not consider giving up even they have the cognition of moral value. Young people should understand that compensated dating is just a sugar-coated trap. It may be a way to earn money, but the price is higher than what you think. For example, teenagers who engage in compensated dating must not be accepted by the others and they would be blasted by society. They cannot face up to the community with their true identity not only because people see it as a shame but also because they themselves would be in disgrace. Even they can finally quit, it is difficult of them to be...