Four Year Accredited College—Arizona State University or University of Washington

Two of my favorite colleges, that I have thought about attending, are Arizona State University and the University of Washington.   Although, both of these are great accredited schools, they have some definite differences, especially depending upon whether you are an in state resident or out of state resident.
Arizona State University is located in the state of Arizona and has four separate campus locations: Tempe campus, West campus, Polytechnic campus, and Downtown Phoenix campus. All four of these locations are located in the state of Arizona. Arizona State University views itself as “One University in Many Places”. The Tempe campus is known for the research and graduate education. It also offers undergraduate education, which prepares students for graduation and then employment and or helps them move on to a professional school. The West campus is known for its liberal arts education. Although, the professional programs that are offered at this campus are very connected to the community. The Polytechnic is known for its professional and technological programs that are geared to help students meet business and social needs, while also preparing the student for the workforce. The Downtown Phoenix campus is known for its urban and public connection programs.
The University of Washington is located in the state of Washington and has three campus locations: Seattle, Tacoma, and Bothell. The Seattle location is the biggest campus and is the main campus, while the other two locations are satellite campuses. The Tacoma and Bothell locations have the same education you would receive at the main campus in Seattle but the class sizes are smaller. The Milgard School of Business is offered at all three locations, which is considered a world-class education that can be used in the work force and is looked at as a asset. It also offers research programs and large...