Comparison Paper

Technology is getting more and more advanced every day. In this world of competition when it comes to televisions, cameras, music, and video games, people are always looking to have the newest and latest thing out. One of the major topics in the entertainment industry is which is better, DVD or Blu-Ray? Despite the similarities, the Blu-ray disc’s advantages greatly out weigh those of Digital Video Disc.
When it comes to media quality, DVDs have less to offer in comparison to Blu-rays. A DVD presents the consumer with a restricted 480p resolution. 480p, which is 480 megapixels, is slightly better than the image resolution available on basic television. The images on the screen may not be very clear and can sometimes look blurry. The DVD menu also lacks accessibility for special features making it hard to navigate through screens. The audio quality comes in two formats Dolby Digital and DTS. Dolby digital and DTS (Digital Theater System) are two different features that allow the DVD to project audio in surround sound.
Blu-rays have more to propose to a buyer. Blu-ray discs offer a better image quality. The Blu-ray image resolution is at 1080p, which is currently the highest quality available. Blu-rays are so clear and detailed that sometimes people feel like they are in the movie theater. The audio features on a Blu-ray are Dolby True HD, and DTS HD Master. Just like the DVD, these are two audio formats that allow the Blu-ray to project audio in surround sound but these formats give a sound that is very similar to the master studio sound.   One thing very neat thing about the Blu-rays is the special feature menu. Blu-rays have a great improvement that allows a person to access the main menu while still watching the movie as opposed to a regular DVD, which forces you to exit the movie just to access the main menu.
The availability of DVDs surpasses those of Blu-rays.   There are over ninety thousand available titles to choose from. You can find anything from shows...