Comparison Between the Pinball Gam

By using a comparison between the pinball game and the sounds of a car crash, an effective and strong message is portrayed as the loud crashes, clinging, banging, and multiple sounds work together to create a disturbing image of what it would sound like to be involved in a car crash. It creates a terrifying reality through the use of a convincing audio that is actually a pinball game. The erratic and sudden noises in the audio generates a sudden shock, as the violence of a car crash becomes a reality. The intense and diverse sounds involved in a pinball game parallel the sounds that would be heard in a car crash, such as smashing windows, the car pounding into other objects or rolling over, and people being thrown violently around the car. Because car crashes are often fatal, the use of loud noises to portray a car crash works effectively to establish the brutality of being involved in a car crash.

However, wearing a seatbelt and driving sensibly can prevent the passengers in a car crash from being seriously injured. This is where the narrative voice is effective as it creates awareness of the importance of wearing seatbelts by using blunt and fear-provoking statements such as ‘no belt, no brain’.

Overall, the use of the sounds of a pinball game create a worrisome and upsetting tone as the violence and danger of a car crash is shown through the use of loud, banging, clashing and clinging sounds that are similar to the sounds heard in a car crash. This would have a large impact on passengers and drivers as it would encourage them to wear their seatbelts to lessen the impact of a car crash, and potentially save their lives.