Comparison Between Private and Public Hospital

Among the principle service industries come the health care services. These are extremely important for any country as they maintain the health and goodness of people. Comparing and contrasting two competing firms can be an interesting challenge. Talking about these, we know that public and private both operate in an entirely different way. The two hospitals we have chosen are: Lahore General Hospital and Surgimed Hospital.
Lahore General Hospital is located in Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan. It is known for neurosurgery. It’s a public hospital that aims to cater maximum patients.   Surgimed Hospital is a private hospital located in Zafar Ali Road, Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan.
A comparison can be made between the two on the following dimensions.
both the hospitals entertain different segments. Majority of the population may choose to go to General Hospital rather than going at Surgimed. As General Hospital is for the usual public, its financed by government and people are charged really low prices for the services they are provided. In contrast to this, Surgimed hospital caters patients coming from a sound background, who finance their treatments entirely on their own.
The product is the health services that both provide. There is big difference in both. Lahore General Hospital provides its services to the general public and so has the capacity to cater a large amount of customers. Its bed strength is 1000 which is sanctioned up to 1076 as the patients keep coming.
On the other hand, Surgimed Hospital’s bed strength is 115 beds. The patients are provided state of the art facilities that help them recover quickly.
Sterilization of Surgimed Hospital is better than Lahore General Hospital. A lot of customers are dissatisfied because the patient suffers from some kind of infection or illness after being treated from Lahore General Hospital. The patients may fail to evaluate the level of facility provided to them as there is high level of...