Comparison and Contrast

Thaddeus Walker
Comparison and Contrast Essay
Ms. LaCroix
24 February, 2012
No Heart No Liver
For this paper, I reviewed two fairy tales Grimm’s” Little Snow White” and “Gold Tree Silver Tree “two different versions of the same fairy tale.   I found both stories enjoyable and having a lot of moral values.   They both contain key characters that we can relate to in our lives to a certain extent and, just like most fairy tales good triumphs over evil and everyone lives happily ever after.   Although they reach the same destination both stories take different paths. I will summarize an express my interpretation of both stories.
“Gold Tree Silver Tree” is set in Scotland in the 1800’s.   The evil mother, Silver Tree is the queen and thinks she is the fairest and most beautiful woman in the world. Until one day she goes to the glen and asks the talking fish” who is the fairest “he tells her it was not her but her daughter, Gold Tree.   Silver Tree burning with envy refuses to accept the fact that someone is more beautiful than her even her own daughter. Playing on the king’s emotions the queen tricks the king into thinking she is ill. Once the king returned home and saw the queen was ill he asked what would make her better.   She told the king that if she ate Gold Tree’s heart and lungs she would be well again. The king refusing to kill his own daughter orders his lads to head to the hunting hills kill a goat and bring back its heart and lungs for the queen.   Shortly thereafter,   a prince had come from abroad to marry Gold Tree; the king agrees to this and the prince and Gold Tree travel far away and get married.   Once the queen found out that Gold Tree was not dead she and a crew of the king’s men set out to find and kill Gold Tree.   The mother spiteful and cruel made two attempts on Gold Tree’s life both times coming up short. In the end Silver Tree fell victim to her own trap.
“Snow White” does not give us a place for a setting only that it is winter.   Snow White...