Comparing Teacher Standards

Comparing Teacher Standards Hardison 1.

Rosalyn Hardison
Grand Canyon University
SPE 330
January 29, 2012

Comparing Teacher Standards Hardison 2.
Teacher Standard Chart compare and contrast of standards of content knowledge, content pedagogy, and professional learning environments. When general and special educators engage in collaborative planning and teaching, then they are demonstrating knowledge, skills, and professional standards of NBPTS, Illinois, CEC, INTASC, and NCLB HQT

Standards Standards Standards Standards Standards

Educators need to know how to adjust their lesson plans according to students individual learning needs. | Educators must include rigorous content and application of knowledge through high knowledge and skills. | Educators have to have knowledge and skills in understanding characteristics of learners with different cognitive, social, cultural, and emotional needs. | Standard 3 require teachers understand how learners differ in learning strategies. | Educators must demonstrate competencies in subjects; and use the knowledge of the student to develop strategies that utilize the student’s cultural background as a starting point, and progress. |
Educators must show multiple methods to keep students engaged and reach effective outcomes. Teachers must collaborate and coordinate services effectively. | Educators must have clear, understandable and consistent knowledge of and skills of subject being taught; and evidenced based. | Educator’s competencies are related to knowledge and skills of instructional content, and lesson plans. | Standard 4 require educators to use a variety of instructional strategies. | Educators   must have expertise and knowledge in subjects being taught; and knowledge on how to teach students. Educators must have high expectations on student learning; and use differentiated learning techniques. |
Educators collaborate effectively with others, and...