Comparing Playgrounds - Nyc

After visiting two playgrounds in the state of New York, I am able to analyze both playgrounds and the individuals present. I visited a playground in Central Park which is located in New York City. I also visited a playground in my hometown, White Plains, which is located in Westchester county. I was present at each playground at around 4:30 PM.

The playground in Central Park had a lot of equipment for kids to use. It had a tire swing, a blacktop playground area, a concrete maze, a slide, and numerous sets of swings. The equipment itself appeared to be very clean and well-taken care of. Although it was not a colorful playground, it looked fun. Each and every single tree at the park had leaves. This made the playground appear very green, healthy, and scenic.

Central Park's playground was not as diverse as I thought it would be. New York City being an extremely diverse city, I went to the park thinking that I would see parents and children of all different races and ethnicities. I only saw Caucasians and Asians. I did not see any Latinos, and I only spotted one African American mother with her son. Everybody present at the park was dressed in normal everyday clothes, nothing fancy or expensive.

The blacktop area of the playground where the concrete maze was located looked like a fort. I believe the "fort" is a good idea because many young kids build them at home using pillows and couches. Now instead of making a mess at home, parents can take their children to the park where they can play in a "real" fort.

At the concrete maze area, there were six mothers and three fathers present. There were also seven boys who appeared to be under ten years old. Two of these boys were playing with their father, two were under supervision of their mother, and the other three were playing together around the fort. At the top of the "fort," there was a group of five girls playing together who also appeared to be under ten years old. I heard the youngest one of these girls...