Comparing a Woman Is a Woman and Jaws

Similarities and Differences Between Jaws and A Woman is a Woman
The two films being compared are Jaws, a 1975 adventure horror directed by Steven Spielberg, and A Woman is a Woman, made in 1961 and directed by Jean-Luc Godard.   Music, and its contributions to the plotline, is used very differently in these two films.   Spielberg’s Jaws uses music in a moody and narrative sense to continually move the plotline forward, while A Woman is a Woman uses it as a component of comedy and develops the story in a rather different way considering how straightforward and lacking of twists and turns the plot is. I will argue that these two directors used music in very different fashions, largely due to their directorial decisions based on their times, the French New Wave and the onset of the Hollywood blockbuster, and the effect that they intended to display to their audiences.  
Spielberg’s Jaws tells the story of an initially unknown horror, hidden deep beneath the water, terrorizing the unbeknownst swimmers or boaters who dare compete with its territory.   In contrast, A Woman is a Woman is about a young exotic dancer named Angela who desperately wants a child.   Her boyfriend, however, is opposed to the idea saying he is not ready, causing Angela to switch her attention to a more capable man: his best friend.   While these films have large differences in their plots, the way in which music was used and the effect that music had on these two films, will be the main focus of comparison.  
In A Woman is a Woman, music was a very important part of making this movie a success as a comedy and establishing humor through music.   Music was used in nearly every scene from the beginning to the end of the film.   No matter how big or small an action, it was consistently paired with a simple sound of some sort.   In a specific scene towards the beginning of the movie, Anna and a man were walking down a side street, mumbling about an irrelevant subject for a couple minutes.   While it may...