Compare the Main Job Roles and Functions in Two Organisations and Explain How They May Differ in Different Organisational Structures

Compare the main job roles and functions in two organisations and explain how they may differ in different organisational structures:
The main job role of the CEO is looking after shareholders interests and deciding strategy or policy this means what the business aims to do in the long term for example to expand and grow. The CEO also looks at the long-term plans of the business over the next five years. They also try to aim to be successful so shareholders get a good return on their investment. The MD also has a long-term strategy to broaden the business for example expanding large markets such as financial services, non-food and telecoms. The CEO of Tesco wants to expand new markets in Central Europe, Asia and United States. The CEO delegates roles and responsibilities through the hierarchy; the CEO of Tesco also has an international strategy they are trying to seek out new opportunities for growth and ways of generating long term returns for shareholders.
Stebbings Limited has a flat structure; this company is a Private Limited Company. The structure of Stebbings Limited has 3 levels; the three levels are the following; a Manager Director level, a Manager’s level and then a Staff level.   The span of control is very wide in the Stebbings Limited, this is because there is only three levels of the structure, and also when they have to report to a Supervisor or a Manager there are very few to report to.   In a flat structure each Manager has more staff reporting to him or her. Chain of command from the top of the flat structure to the bottom of the flat structure is very short. In a way this is a really good advantage, because messages will get passed on very quickly and messages will not be unclear. The MD of Stebbings is involved in the day to day running of the store. The MD of Stebbings is the owner of the company and can therefore take all the decisions about the future of the company.

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