Compare Different Sources and Systems of Support for Professional Development

Understand the principles of professional development.

Outcome 1.3
Compare the use of different sources and systems of support for professional development.

There are many different sources and systems of support for professional development including induction process, formal training, educational events, distance learning, work based qualification, books, online research, appraisals, mentoring, in- house training sessions and team meetings. The induction process is the beginning of the employee’s training and will introduce them to the company’s structure, policies and procedures. During the induction process gaps in knowledge will become clear, this will allow the manager to recognise what support or additional training is needed for the staff member to reach the appropriate level of   competency. Alongside the induction period there will also be some mentoring/shadowing to support the new employee this allows them to gain knowledge and experience on a first hand basis, and again it can also highlight any weaknesses, and to recognise what support or additional training is needed. When the individual has settled into their job role, the supervision and appraisal process will begin. This is were the manager and employee meet on a regular basis( approx once a month) to discuss and analyse what progress has been made and future goals that need to be set. It also allows the employee the   opportunity   to bring forward any problems or concerns they may have to their manager, which is important in catching and resolving conflict issues. During these sessions training needs will be discussed and put into place, this may mean the employee attending a external training session with tutors on hand for any help needed. Undertaking a distance learning programme again with access to help from tutors or colleagues. Work based learning qualifications such as a NVQ were a assessor is on hand to provide support and guidance throughout. In-house training...