Compare Contrast Essay

Ancient Greeks and Romans

    There were   many   different cultures   in the   ancient world,   but the two that had the   most   influence on
    European and American civilization were the ancient Greeks and the ancient Romans. Often these two
    cultures and their ways of living are thought of as if the two were really exactly alike. However, that is
    not the case. When their buildings, literary art and eating habits are examined, it can be seen that they
    had not only similarities but also some differences.

    Ancient   Greek culture   has   left   behind excellent   examples   of   their   constructions,   art,   and food.   The
    Greeks were great   builders and   had many   well-constructed and long-lasting   buildings. Thousands   of
    tourists   today   admire   Greek   ruins   such   as   the   ones   in Athens.   They   make   special   trips   to   visit   the
    towns   of   the   ancient   world including   Ephesus   and Pergamum.   As   the   Greeks’   construction   methods
    tended to be artistic, they were especially interested in building temples and columns. Moreover, it is
    fair to say that their artistic talent could be   seen   in   literary arts. Greek literature was the result of an
    oral   tradition,   handed down   from   generation   to generation.   They   mostly   wrote   about   their   wars,
    heroes,   and gods.   The   Greeks   also   loved poetry,   especially   long poems   again about   their   wars   and
    heroes. As for the theatre, they favored tragedy, which showed the fall of great men and women. The
    eating habits of the Greeks were also refined. They looked after themselves and ate healthy food such
    as plenty of fish, fresh vegetables and fruits. During these meals, they enjoyed excellent wines and had
    long discussions about daily events.

    The   details   of   ancient   Roman   culture   show   a   slightly   different   picture.   The   Romans   were   more
    engineers   than   artists.   They   were   great   builders   too,   but   they...