Compare at Least 2 Models of Reflective Practice; Explain the Importance of Reflective Practice to Improve Performance:

The two reflective practice models I have chosen to compare are Gibbs reflective Cycle and Rolfe’s framework for reflective practice. Reflective practice is an essential aspect of continuing professional development both for the individual and also the organisation.

Both models ask a series of questions which result in a conclusion to enable an action plan to be compiled. The main difference between the two is that Gibb’s reflective cycle’s end part results in starting from the beginning again.

(See below both models)
Gibbs' reflective cycle
Gibb's reflective cycle is a process involving six steps:
• Description - What happened?
• Feelings - What did you think and feel about it?
• Evaluation - What were the positives and negatives?
• Analysis - What sense can you make of it?
• Conclusion - What else could you have done?
• Action Plan - What will you do next time?
It is a 'cycle' because the action you take in the final stage will feed back into the first stage, beginning the process again.
Rolfe’s framework for reflective practice
Rolfe uses three simple questions to reflect on a situation: What? so what? and now what? He considers the final question as the one that can make the greatest contribution to practice.
• What the problem? ...was my role? ...happened? ...were the consequences?
• So what ...was going through my mind? ...should I have done? I know about what happened now?
• Now what I need to do? ...broader issues have been raised? ...might happen now?
No matter what model is used or referred to there are four broad steps involved in reflective practice:
1. Awareness of what is happening
2. What is happening
3. Understanding
4. Move forward
Its important that the information sought from answering the four above steps is then available to be able to look back at in order to move forward. There may well be things which could have been done differently which may have resulted in better outcomes and this is why we...