Compare and Contrast

United States differ from other countries in many different ways.   The major topics discussed among people all over the world are government, foreign policy, and things that used to be unusual, but aren’t as much now.   Although there are many different countries all over the world, America is still different from each one.   America is unique in its own way.   Unlike most countries, America does things differently.
In America’s government, the cabinet is interesting.   Although the United States call its cabinet members secretaries, it is important to know that in the foreign language press, American cabinet members are still usually referred to as ministers.   Most nations use the title minister for a cabinet member.   The American system is distinct because of the presence of the United States Electoral College.   Almost all countries in the world with an executive, decision-making president allow the voters to elect him or her directly, in an open, nation-wide election. This happens in the US as well.   America goes through a long process to elect a president, but in other countries like France, Finland and Ireland, the president is chosen on whoever wins the largest percentage of the popular vote.   In the US presidency, if the president is elected he is pretty hard to get rid of until the next scheduled election.   This means that impeachment is complicated.   In many other countries, because some presidents only are held in office for a brief time, they are considered insignificant to skip because they don’t really count.   In our country when our leaders serve they don’t serve for a brief period of time, they usually serve a full term.   As in most other countries, they have far more leaders that served for a brief period of time.
The United States used its title of president for its head of state, and they were the first country to do so.