Compare and Contrast Two Case Studies from a Social Work Perspective

This essay intends to compare and contrast two case studies, focusing on the various methods used to deal with clients and of the application of the social work process.   The first case study looks at Gerard Francis, an adult with learning difficulties from the area of community care, the second will focus on the area of child protection with the case study of Carole Evans.
In the case study of Gerard Francis the social worker would be legally bound to begin an immediate re-assessment of needs, in accordance with the NHS and Community Care Act 1990, implemented in 1993. The   communication skills of the social worker are vital in an assessment of Gerard who has learning difficulties, various methods of communication should be implemented which would enable the social worker to enter into an effective assessment which would see Gerard having the ability to freely put forward his thoughts and views (Means, 2008).   The Mental Capacity Act, passed in 2005, implemented in 2007, would require the social worker to presume that Gerard has the capacity to make his own decisions unless proven otherwise (Means, 2008).   An advocate may be beneficial at this stage; this would involve somebody who would speak up for Gerard’s rights (Williams, 2009).  
Valuing People 2001 and Valuing People Now 2007, offers guidance to the social worker who would adopt a person centred planning approach that would place Gerard central to assessment (Burton, 2007). This would explore an in-depth account of his Gerard’s history, looking at his experiences and of his reactions and feelings concerning them. A central plank to Valuing People Now is that people with learning difficulties are involved in all decisions that affect them (Burton, 2007).   The social worker would to form a partnership with Gerard, alongside other professional agencies involved, and from this decide upon an agreed package of care that reflects Gerard’s wishes, promotes his independence and looks to improve his situation,...