Compare and Contrast Two Accounts of Disorderly Behaviour

Compare and contrast two accounts of disorderly behaviour.

The mediation of disorderly behaviour has been an area of interest for many years among social scientists, within this assignment I will be looking the work of Cohen and Huesmann, who have both produced theories regarding the relationships between disorderly behaviour and the media. To enable a clearer understanding of the concepts presented by Cohen and Huesmann it is vital to understand what the term social order and disorderly behaviour mean. Ervin Goffman proposed the idea of interactional order, he constructed the idea of interactional order based on the idea that individuals are simply living their own lives in ways that appear unconnected, however unconsciously they are abiding by a set of social rules connecting them which creates social order. In other words: patterns of interaction – the interactional order – create social order (Silva, 2009, page 317).   Foucault’s ideas are somewhat different from Goffman’s, he suggests that social order is created by figures of authority. He suggests that the persons who can give punishment create social order, for example the legal system can punish you by sending you to prison or a fine and parents by taking away a toy. This punishment for certain behaviours suggests to individuals what is correct behaviour allowing them to behave appropriately, this creates social order. Using these definitions as a base line it is possible to conclude that disorderly behaviour is that which goes against social order, and is an action unaccepted by the majority of society. Both the theories above are concerned with the creation of social order. By moving on to the theories of Cohen and Huesmann we are able to examine the relationship between the media and disorderly behaviour.
Sociologist Stanley Cohen came to the UK in the 1960’s aiming to address the idea of labelling in the media, he conducted a case study of the Mod’s and rocker’s, these were groups/ gangs of...