Compare and Contrast Gregory to Toni Bambara

Catherine Barnes
Eng. 102
March 16, 2015
Essay 2
Money and Success
When one take a look into the American life one will find that the beautiful and well known America is actually divided into 2 social classes: the lower class and upper class. As seen in Toni Bambara “The lesson” illustrates how the lower class citizens struggle to survive in America which supported by Gregory Mantsios who talks about the gigantic differences of wealth and how it effects the lower class citizens in America while Robert Frank “Living it: Tim Blixseth” talks about the luxury life of the upper class citizens in America which is supported through the article “What is Wealth in America” by Rich Karlgaad. The American economy is unfairly distributed among its citizens.
In the article, “The lesson” Toni Bambara speaks in the first person point of view to explain her personal experiences and her work in the field of social justice to describe the injustices done towards the African American community. She talks about how education can change one’s life and mentoring can also play an important role in the uplift of the African American society and the general general society as a whole. Bambara tells of the economic and socio-political situation of the African American community through the character Sylvia along with the hope of an uplift through good people like Miss Moore.   Sylvia, being the first person narrator, portrays the role of a strong willed young African American girl. She and her young friends belong to small financially isolated, but not physically remote town of African American, in Harlem. Sylvia way of talking to her friends shows that no proper education and guidance was being provided to them and that they were being deprived economically too. “Can we steal?” Sugar asks very serious like she’s getting the ground rules squared away before she plays” (Bambara, 266). This line shows the black children of the Harlem time were financially depressed.
The story is...