Compare and Contrast Cars

Compare and contrast essay ´Mercedes S Class 500 VS   BMW 750 Li´

Mercedes S Class 500 L VS BMW 750 Li
        This essay will compare and   contrast two luxury cars familiar to every car lover – The Mercedes S Class 500 L and the BMW 750 Li. Even every aspect of these two super cars will be addressed from car design to price , engine   technology   and performance on the road.
        The Mercedes S Class 500 L is quite similar   to the BMW 750 Li. To start   , both of these cars are considered to be luxury and reliable. About the colours of the two cars are mostly black and grey. In addition , the advantage of this two cars is that they are suited to traveling long distances. The hydraulic suspension system of this two car have different regimes of action ( comfort , hard , sport ). Finally , every driver who prefers comfortable and big cars will feel plesure while driving this two cars.
          There are a lot of differences between the cars. For example , not everybody can have the opportunity to buy Mercedes S Class 500 L or   BMW 750 Li . The price of the Mercedes S Class 500 L is 107 , 400 euro and the price of the BMW 750 Li is 104 , 200 euro . Another difference between the two automobiles is in their speeds. The Mercedes S Class 500 L is limited of   280 km/h and the BMW 750 Li is limited of 250 km/h. Both of the limousines are with longitudinal located 5.0 litres 8 cylinders petrolic engines. Finally ,   the Mercedes is with 7 speed automatic gearbox and the BMW is with 6 speed automatic gearbox.
          In conclusion ,   this essay has compared and contrasted two of the modernist and luxury cars in the world Mercedes S Class 500 L   and BMW 750 Li. Various aspects have been examined like design, speed, engine technology , price etc. To close , though the Mercedes 500 L and the BMW 750 Li are similar in many ways, there is nonetheless a stellar difference between this two luxury cars.