Compare and Contrast Any Two Theories of Social Disorder in Contemporary Uk Society

What is social disorder in the UK? Like many other modern democratic countries, life in the UK is ordered in such a way that day to day mundane things in general life are ordered and structured. The people living in these types of society their description of the way of life can be said by the majority of people as being activities or ideas not regarded as being correct or proper for the time or place and when there is disorder this appears to be more directed at the youth in today’s society.
Who or what has defined social order and who gets to decide what is order and what is disorder in,   and in this   essay I am going to try and show two theories or ideas of social disorder in the contemporary   UK   society of today and compare them to each other. But firstly I will look at in brief the ideas of where social order is derived from through the workings and ideas of Goffman and Foucault.
Goffman’s studies were concerned with the idea if ritualistic ideals and workings in daily life and showed ways in which societies are ordered throughout many performances in specific contexts. Goffman’s ideas in studying social life hinged on the concept that social life and interaction is predicated and pre ordered, and the ideas are already in place. He deems that society is not separate but it is a construction made by the acts of many individuals. Therefore social order is brought about from the actions put together by certain individuals from the main group. Order is therefore achieved through the actions of repetitive practices, although they are not the same every time and thus social change occurs as actions always being built and rebuilt.
People in today’s society are aware of the invisible rules within society of how things work and people get used to these rules and ideals.   In contrast to Goffman’s theory of order the social scientist Michael Foucault’s work looks at how social order is derived from authoritative knowledge and order in society is made and remade...