Comparative Essay - Relationships

The relationships that an individual forms and is surrounded by, helps to define themselves and the people around them. It is through these relationships, that an individual begins to understand the importance of relationships that can positively influence them, allowing them to grow maturity. Despite this, there are also relationships that can be detrimental to an individual. This idea is vividly portrayed in Peter Goldsworthy’s Maestro and the film, Dead Poets Society.
Through both texts, it is evident that a mentor relationship allows an individual to gradually learn respect and as a result, mature. The presence of this mentor figure enables an individual to grow and learn about important values and ideas in life.
In Maestro, it is through the teachings of his music teacher, Keller that Paul begins to view life in a different perspective.
Early in the novel, Goldsworthy’s use of characterisation illustrates Paul as an immature and arrogant adolescent, which is best exemplified after his first meeting with Keller. When discussing Keller with his parents, he deems Keller as ‘ridiculous’, a ‘boozer’ and a ‘Nazi.’ These derogatory comments signify his blatant disregard for Keller. However, Paul grows in his appreciation of the methods and wisdom of Keller, as he finally addresses him by the formal title, ‘Maestro’ (pg 144), presenting his genuine respect for him.
Throughout the novel, Keller uses aphorisms to spread his wisdom to Paul. The notion of respect is further reiterated, when the reader begins to understand that Keller’s wisdom begins to affect Paul’s life positively, allowing him to make judgements. For example, after he plays in the concert with the band, when Paul feels dissatisfied. It is his conscience, however that tells him that ‘nothing worthwhile was ever achieved so easily, (pg 91), a saying Keller had once stated. His appreciation of Keller’s teachings is demonstrated when he himself uses Keller’s sayings when giving music lessons to...