Comparative Analysis


Comparative Analysis Paper-Poetry
University of Phoenix
Business Literature
BUS 120
Katherine A. Kleier
Dec 1, 2009

The paper will consist of comparing three poetry selections and analyze the relationship between language and content. The three poems will also deal with poetic techniques and the relationship between a workplace and the poem. The three poems that will be analyzed in this paper are Factory Jungle by Jim Daniels, The Rope by Patricia Dobler, and 5000 Apply for 100 Jobs by Jim Daniels.
Comparative Analysis Paper-Poetry
      Each poem is written to view a certain perspective. In the three poems the poems relate to the workplace or workforce.   One can relate to the poems because the poems are what one is force to deal with on a daily. Each poem has a unique way that is different from each other. As one looks at the poems one can imagine and place his or herself in the poem. The poems are: Factory Jungle, The Rope, and 5000 Apply for 100 Jobs. Then poems each have a language and a content that will portray the poems in different ways.
      As one analyzes Factory Jungle by Jim Daniels one can see that the poet use of general language of the occupation of working in a factory. The poet uses the language of the factory occupation to portray the life of a factory worker. The language also consists of a hard worker who is tired and in a rut of a routine. The content of the poems deals with the life of a factory work that is in a constant routine. The poet portrays the poem to relate to life and a job of a factory worker to be relentless. The factory worker is eager to break the routine of working on one machine and not able to work in different place and see more of the factory other than the machine the factory works on in a daily basis. The poet used techniques such as metaphors to relate4 to the tireless days and constant routines that happen in a factory. The poet used the technique...