Company Issues

I Hate It Here, Inc.
Mickey Johnson
North University

                After a thorough review of,” I Just Love It Here, Inc.” staffing and retention strategies several problems were identified. Below are the problems identified and the suggested action plan to resolve the problems.

  1. Problem: Hires from outside to fill all openings regardless of where it are the firm.

      Action Plan: Hire entry level from outside and upper level employs from without as much possible.
                  The advantages to hiring employees from within the company are a greater company knowledge base, continuity, and improved morale. An employee already in a business is likely to know more about the company's needs and will be able to approach a new position with the added perspective of his or her previous position. Hiring from within also brings continuity to a company—the talent of the individuals remains within the company, and therefore is "re-invested." Finally, employees generally feel good about a company which promotes from within. It signals a company's belief in their people and in the quality of work that they do, and provides them with tangible evidence that their own efforts can bring about career advancement. As a result retention of high performing employees is increased. Hiring from within can be done by posting job vacancies on companies intranet and internal recruiting of high achievers.


            2. Problem: No policies and procedures on recruitment.

          Action Plan:   Creating a company handbook that has clear and instructions on recruiting procedures and policies
                    The recruitment and selection process is of paramount importance in order to recruit staff with the necessary skills and attributes to enable I Love it Here, Inc. to fulfil its corporate aims and objectives.   The Recruitment and Selection Policy and Procedures aim to provide clear guidance to managers in relation to both the selection and...