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Systems Analyst and Design Project
St. Margarita Health Clinic

St. Margarita Health Clinic is a new medical facility in Rego Park, NY. Cardiologists Brian Davis founded the clinic and Dolores Garcia in 2009 and since then it has over 1000 patients that attend to their services and accepts 10 different insurance policies.
Our company E-Software has been given the task to develop new system to improve productivity within St. Margarita Health Clinic. This new system not only will improve productivity but will also help the users to edit and add new data to the files faster.

St. Margarita Organizational Structure

Current System Description

After analyzing the information provided to our software company we have realized that St. Margarita Health Clinic current system is outdated in the sense that all data is being recorded manually. Taking into consideration that this firm accommodates over 1000 patients and 10 different insurance policies, one can imagine the problems the office staff goes through daily.
For example if a patient has a change of insurance, the office staff has to go through a cabinet full of folders where the patients file is located. After that it has to go and rewrite the patients file over to a new blank file. This is a process that is not efficient and also time consuming.
S.W.O.T Analysis
S.W.O.T Analysis is a way to determine the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats a company is facing:

• It has built a loyal relationship with over 1,000 clients.
• Conveniently located near Queens Center Mall where they can attract more patients
• Folders System is a problem is a time consuming process.
• The system it’s using is outdated
• Data is being handled manually

• Room for growing given the family oriented dedication of the staff
• With a better system the company can be better prepare to ser
• Create more jobs within the community. Threats
• The risk...