Community Work & Mental Health

Case scenario
You work at a service that assists in the protection of children and supporting families to increase their capability to care for their children.   Your role includes visiting foster carers to check on their well-being as well as that of the children in their care, running parenting groups for parents whose children have been taken out of their care and engaging families whose children have been identified as “at risk”.  

List and explain five self-care strategies that you could incorporate into your life to ensure overall wellness.
Write one strategy for how you will take advantage of supervision and peer support.
Develop a plan in preparedness for accessing debriefing if required.


To ensure overall wellness it is important that I incorporate self-care strategies to balance the negative aspects of working with consumers who are faced with trauma in their lives. There are many self-care strategies; they need to include cognitive, physical, spiritual, social and verbal plans.   Five such plans can be:

• Maintaining interests completely separate from work
• Getting regular exercise
• Taking regular breaks from work
• Accepting support and positive feedback when it is offered
• Giving support and positive feedback to others

Supervision is there to provide support for staff by giving advice and to allow the sharing of ideas and resources.  

De-briefing should be undertaken as soon as possible after a positive or negative experience.   In a debrief I could ask –
• What could I have done better? – how could I have improved, was there anything different I could have done?
• What did I do well? – recognize things that worked well.

Debriefing is also a tool to build on skills, knowledge and understanding.  

Rights and responsibilities of carers and support persons:
• respect for their individual human worth and dignity
• respect for their privacy
• respect for their...