Community Health Nursing

Community Health

This paper explores a community health project in the Washoe County Health District that is specifically designed to help keep teenagers, ages 14-19, healthy and well educated on things from staying safe to birthing options.

The Teen Health Mall, located in Washoe County, Nevada, provides healthy-confidential one-stop services for teen’s ages 14 – 19 years of age.
The Teen Health Mall provides services such as:
  * Birth control counseling with most kinds of birth control available
  * Pregnancy testing and counseling
  * Sexually Transmitted Disease testing and counseling (with treatment as needed)
  * HIV testing and counseling
  * Testing and treatment of vaginal and bladder infections
  * Counseling on teen's health (referrals given when needed)                        
Anything teenagers say about sex, drugs, and feelings is Confidential unless they give permission to share it.
But, if they tell the nurses:
      * They are being abused (physically and/or sexually)
      * They are going to hurt yourself or someone else
      * They are 13 or under and having sex
      * They are under 16 and having sex with someone 18 years or older
Then the Teen Health Mall will contact someone to help immediately.            
The cost of this program varies on your ability to pay. The will bill insurance companies as well as Medicaid. The will also put you on a monthly payment plan with costs being as low as $4 a month.  
There are male and female nurses available as well as Spanish speaking services.

They can also help with related programs and other services such as:
  * Birth Control, STD testing and treatment services at Incline Village through the Children's Cabinet Clinic
  * Other services in the community that provide birth control, STD testing and educational services
  * Affordable primary care medical services:  
  * Access to Healthcare Network
  * Women, Infants and Children program