Community Assessment at Kwaprow, a Suburb of Cape Coast, Ghana

Geographical information
Kwaprow is the name of this community and is located in Cape Coast in the central region of Ghana. The community shares boundaries with Duakor on the south, University of Cape Coast community, Aklogyir Fie, Ankafo, and Amamoma.
Kwaprow community can boost of a river as the natural resource that have and according to our assessment, it was revealed that there were no industries ( either major or minor) in the community. Their road allows for easy access of the health care institution close to the community but these roads are not marked with no understandable signs available.
The community environment is usually dusty due to the condition of their roads, and the community is said that flooding is disaster that easily occur
Natural resources:
They have a river which is located at the outskirt of the town, also, they can boost of land for construction, settlement and farming on small scale basis.
Housing situation
Kwaprow township has most of their houses made from mud with few cement structures in the community. Most of the houses are as old as forty to sixty years while some are as old as ninety years old. There are lots of uncompleted buildings in the community and some of the houses are even under renovation, and the rest are either being occupied or abandoned. The houses have cracks and broken windows. The community has both single and multifamily dwellings with few vacant dwellings. Their living arrangement is clustered with no specific arrangement to .enhance cross ventilation. Their housing materials are mostly mud with few made of cement, with aluminum and little asbestos as roofing. From the observation we made, there were visible house numbering and this has made location of a particular house easier, although, the houses are clustered.

Health services:
From our observation which we made on our visit to the community and which was confirmed by assemblyman of the...