Community Arts

ideas for community arts project

diversity in diversity - celebrating the diversity within the diverse community celebrating our (heritage) family trees and branches where we came from and who we link with using pictures from now, the past, stories, story telling and (if any) video.   This could also tie in with Gypsy Roma History month in June.

i am me - celebrating what makes me different and individual, what impacts us what impact we have on others and the environment concentrating on   positivity the use of media, photography or art forms to show our representation.

Community - everyone has a tile and paints, draws or writes on the tile a representation of the community they are a part of and life locally - the tiles would then be stuck onto a large board or become a part of an area in the community.

Healthy food - what does taste look like? have people in the community eat a piece of fruit or vegetable and then taking that experience and turning it into art! so drawing or painting or using expresive art to descrie the taste - ie lemon could be like a yellow explosion!

Be the story - take a local story or write a story which is relevent to the locality which has a deeper meaning, is funny or unusual and then express it through movement, music, dance or art.

Following on - for people to write a story collectively about something locally including characters and references and for the story to be written by an individual for a paragraph and then continued by another for a paragraph untill the story is then completed, the story is then acted out with the individual who wrote the section to act out their part so everyone is the lead and brings something different.

for international mother tongue day (21st feb) everyone to say something about themselves or a message or word positive and it be recorded, we learn the word phrase and where it is from.
for national science day (28 feb) we create a science themed montage featuring science so we can...