Communists and Tsars Ruled Russia in the Same Way. How Far Do You Agree with This View of the Period 1855-1964?

Communists and Tsars ruled Russia in the same way. How far do you agree with this view of the period 1855-1964?

During the period 1855-1964 there were 3 Tsars and 3 communist leaders with a small democratic break in between for the provisional government in 1917. The Tsarist ideology was autocratic and the Communist ideology was marxist leninism. Theoretically these two types of rule are completely different however how different were they really? In order to judge whether they are the same similarities and differences in their political, economical, social and ideological aims must be considered.

Politically these two types of rulers ruled Russia in a similar way, they both had a form of centralised organisational administration,the Tsarist period had the Duma -an elective legislative assembly, established in 1905 by Nicholas II from the October Manifesto, constituting the lower house of parliament. It was the first democratic assembly Russia had ever seen. The communist had the Sovnarkom which was formed by Vladimir Lenin in October 1917 as the government of the new revolutionary regime. They are also the similar because they both weren’t very effective, the Duma lasted for 9 years and was suspended 4 times showing that the concept wasn’t working. On the other hand the Sovnarkom lasted alot longer however the representativeness was being lost all the way through as the longer it lasted the more influence and decision making was given to party members. Another similarity in the two periods was that the political structure was highly autocratic in nature, only one person was ruling the government from the top down and oversaw everything, they were the person who had the last say on any policy or law, this meant that representation was virtually non existent, the Duma and Sovnarkom weren’t representative, the entire period between 1855 and 1964 was very unrepresentative except for the provisional government in 1917. They seem very similar if not the same,...