Team-Building and Communications
Guiseppina Saieva
March 12, 2014
Professor: Teresa Foster

Team-Building and Communications
Every organization is made up of people, therefore communication that is effective is the key to success. Effective communication is the link that helps get the work done and helps people work as a team. The constant changes that occur in a workplace, make communication important. I will explain some things about effective business communication require effective practice. There are five factors relate to effective business communication closely. They are communication theory, business writing styles, team building and interpersonal communication, negotiation and persuasion techniques, and intercultural communication.
Generally, communication theories can teach people many skills to accomplish a successful business communication. Also, the ability to generate clear, vigorous and concise written materials are critical for people to be successful in business world. So writing process and writing styles play important roles in effective business communication. The best way for business organization to survive and grow in surroundings of intense competition and pressure on resources is building team for sharing information. Because organizations are consisted of interdependent relationships, interpersonal communication has useful functions to manage organizations. Negotiating and persuasion skills are extremely important in business as they can be applied in a wide range of personal and workplace situations to help a person and other parties agree on the best outcomes. With the economic and trade increasingly globalized, a good understanding of intercultural communication can contribute to support effective business.

Communication Theory
Communication theory is a basis for understanding human behavior. It can give us some skills for communication. Obviously, it can assist in...