Communications and Collaborations Strategy

Communication and Collaboration Strategy Paper
February 7,2011

Communication and Collaboration Strategy Paper
There are at least eight different learning styles, according to Howard Gardner. One of the learning styles is called Verbal-Linguistic. This learning style is basically having the ability to communicate by speaking, listening or reading. I believe everyone possesses this learning style to a certain degree. Most of us communicate through speech and listening to one another. This is where the separation begins. Some of our communication skills are more enhanced than others. Some of us might learn better by just reading the text, rather than sitting in class and listening to someone read in front of you or speaking to you.
Another learning style is called Bodily-Kinesthetic. This learning style focuses on the using the body in order to aid in the learning process. In other words, this learning style is more of a “hands on” approach. You learn by physically working or handling something with your hands. I believe this style is very effective because you can actually use your hands to learn something. For example, you can read a manual on how to sew and then you can actually use a sewing machine. You can see how the needled is threaded and how the thread is sewn onto the garment. You can control the speed and the direction of the needle.
Another learning style is referred to as the Interpersonal learning style. I believe this particular style is very important, but not everybody possesses this learning style. This learning style relies heavily on his or hers human senses. Sometimes it can take a person a long time to develop this learning style. I believe this learning style is hard to develop, but once it is developed, it can be very useful. This learning style helps gives you the ability to sense the tension that surrounds you. This learning style helps you to determine whether or not someone is in a good mood or a bad mood. This learning...