Interpersonal communication
In the principles of interpersonal communication, identify the one principle that is most meaningul to you?
Among the eight principles of interpersonal communication in Everyday Encounters textbook, one principle that is most meaningful to me is "Metacommunication affects meaning". As communication can have an influence on all aspects of one’ conversion, it is imply that all components of the communication process are meaningful. Wood points out that communication is a process through verbal and non verbal cues, "Metacommunication is communication about communication". Communication with the verbal and non-verbal cues affect the receiver to interpret the message. Unfortunately, health care providers often ignore the important of metacommunication that result in a task-related relationship.

How did this principle of interpersonal communication affect your relationship?
One of my own experiences on metacommunication was dealing with a cancer patient, named Mr.X . During a conversation with Mr.X, I noticed that he turned into a dark face and she kept silence. He complained that my working attitude was showing no respect to him, being unfriendly, and transferring a sense of hopelessness to him.   I was try to recall what I did to him, finally, he told me that I used an inappropriate word, "non-curable" seriously.
These barriers are related to the metacommunication affects meanings. the dialogues between I and Mr.X were task-related communication. However, with the use of sensitive words," non-curable" and a mask tone, which can negatively influences the nurse-patient relationship.   In the expectation of my nursing field, nurses should demonstrate a considerate attitude and sensitive with patient's feelings.
In the words of Wood, "Metacommunication may soften the hurt caused by the attack" . This statement perfectly explains metacommunication can increase an understanding on the sending message. By the means of letting Mr.X to know...