Eymp5- Support children’s SLC
Speech – is a way of communicating through vocalised language like, making sounds, repeating words, speaking clearly and fluently without hesitating.
Language- communicating between a group of people, using sign language.  
Communication- is the way language is used to interact with others. This could be by body language, gesture and facial expressions.
Delayed development in Speech, Language and Communication Needs may be a child's SEN need such as autism, cerebral palsy, hearing loss or more general learning difficulties. Many children with speech language and communication needs have problems understanding and communicating with others.   That is when a speech and language therapist provides their services to help and enhance the children’s development stages, alongside the practitioners acknowledging their skills for effective care and education.
E.g. A child with special needs like a hearing impairment we could use body language like giving a smile, putting your thumbs up for positive reactions, this will automatically boost their self-esteem and be confident in displaying future activities.
How SLC helps children in their development
Every Child a Talker (ECAT) settings will already be providing a range of activities and experiences that will enhance children’s language skills.
  * Learning- it is important for a child to be in a language rich environment, and also have activities that are fresh and interesting for them to learn and enjoy, as Tassoni et al (1999:306) mentions “children learn when they are relaxed and when activities are fun and stimulating”. This will help the child to use their thought and be able to process their thoughts into a verbalised communication. It will help their learning development.
  * Emotional- sharing their feelings, asserting themselves. Less likely to throw tantrums. Having displays which has children comments, will make them feel valued. Labelling resources and quiet areas also...