Communication Problems with the Toledo Mud Hens Organization/Team

Prepared for
Joe Napoli
President/General Manager

Prepared by
Ryan Gendron
Communication Consultant

December 5, 2012


Good communication is key for running a successful business.   Without it, companies can start to see many problems develop within their company and employees.   The same can be said for a professional baseball team.   A team like this is very similar to a business model.   There needs to be good communication within this organization since there are many commitments and events that go with being a baseball player.   The Toledo Mud Hens, a Triple A team within in the Detroit Tigers organization, has been having major issues with communication between the players and the organization.   As a consultant for the Toledo Mud Hens, I have been asked to give recommendations on how this organization can improve their communication and become a well-rounded team.


This study is designed to observe and analyze the communication problems within the Toledo Mud Hens team and organization. The study seeks to answer these questions:

  * What are the communication problems are being observed within the Toledo Mud Hens organization?

  * How are these problems hurting the organization?

  * How can these problems be fixed?


I have done my research on the benefits and effectiveness of having good communication in any kind of business or sports team.   When a team is able to communicate effectively it will save time; there wouldn’t be the wasted time of misinterpretation.   By having no misinterpretations, there would be a less chance of incorrect actions.   Good communication can also decrease the amount of stress and arguments within a team.   Misinterpretation and incorrect actions can sometimes bring about arguments and fights within a team.   A team must be able to work together at all times; one chink in the chain can cause a team’s...