How communication affects relationships in the work setting
Communication is a skill and this skill adds positive/negative impacts in ones personality through out the life depending how it is used. Like all other skills this skill can be polished and improved through different means. This can be improved by practicing, self-catharsis, taking others opinion positively and by questioning ones own self for further development in work setting. In order to have a long lasting relationship one must have excellent communication skills.
Communication plays important role in building relationship in personal life as well on work place. The major cause in the majority of failed relationship is the lack of communication. That means it’s a two way process to communicate, which includes speaking, and listening skills. Simply it is give and take situation. Listening a colleague has as much importance as conveying ones own self.
A person has better chance to improve and grow in career if he/she learns from others. This can be possible through proper communication. Communication is effective when it is done on equal basis by facing problems together, sharing happiness together and supports each other. This will help in strengthen the bond in the relationship.
Difference of opinion is natural and this will not help in building a relationship but still this is how communication helps in segregating differences and mutual thoughts. There must be some points in which two people can have similar thoughts and through proper communication one can work on it to build a healthy work atmosphere. This shows that if you have similar views you will have healthy communication and will have long lasting relationship.
The lack of communication can build up a wall between two people, taking initiative to convey ones point of view can break this down. To build a healthy relationship the thumb rule is “Talk to Them.”