Unit 301 Communication & professional relationships with children and adults.
A positive relationship is beneficial to any adult that enters a school and also to children; children are adults are more likely to have a positive relationship if communication is strong and effective. The relationships that we have with children have a huge impact on the way we can work with them. When children feel at ease with us, they feel safe and happy to come to school and are more likely to participate in all areas of learning, play and behaviour. Effective communication is important in developing positive relationships with children, young people and adults because this encourages cooperation between pupils, parents and colleagues. It helps provide a challenging and stimulating learning environment which all children can access. This is turn makes everyone feel welcome, valued and respected.
Children should always be spoken to in an age appropriate way, clear and concise and you should always take time to listen, effective communication is not something that always happens naturally many people will have to learn to utilise effective verbal and non-verbal skills, if we don’t use good communication skills in our interaction with others our message may be misinterpreted or partly understood. We must always listen attentively; not listening causes a breakdown in relationships. Adults as well as children and young people all play an important role in developing a positive relationship, good communication enables us to share and gain information about one another which creates a good starting point in forming these positive relationships.
There are many ways of communicating such as talking – which is the easiest way to communicate, Body language – expresses the attitude of a person, Facial expressions – these play a big part in the way people see us, they can see if we are happy or sad, Listening – always give a person your full attention and drawing – when there may be a...