SHC 31: Promote communication in health, social care or children and young people’s settings

Assessment: 1.1 – Identify different reasons why people communicate

Communication is essential in our life. It is important every time and in every place. Without communication the world would have been a mess. Reasons why people communicate are a lot, but the most important are:
  * To understand others and be understood- communication makes us possible to understand other people’s ideas, thoughts, knowledge, emotions, feelings and needs. By communicating I know what others need and help them if I can and conversely, if others can, will help me with what I need.
  * To give and receive information – In order to tell someone something is essential the ability to communicate, because with a bad communication is impossible to transmit what we have in mind. To gain knowledge and to be successful in life we need to learn a lot of things. Most of them we will learn by asking and by seeking information.
  * To express our needs and feeling – In our life everyone has some vital needs. But in order to meet them we need to show them, to express what is necessary for our survival. And that we do by communicating. For example a baby that is hungry will cry or scream to show it. By expressing what we feel, people around us will know how to respond to us.
  * To discus a situation – Communication helps everywhere. By communicating we co-operate with others, discus about any situation or solve all problems that affect us in our family, work or in any other place.
  * To create and maintain relationship with others – In our life we meet a lot of people that we create a relationship with. And this we do by communicating in different ways. In my job I have to communicate with children, their parents or the members of staff. But to do my job better I have to maintain a good relationship with all of them. That I can do with an open communication and a positive attitude.