The one short-term goal I have made for myself would be to focus more on myself. I know that may seem easy for others but not for myself. I tend to worry about everyone else’s problems and not focus on myself. I make sure my family and friends are happy but never thinking about what make me happy. I have a tendency of neglecting myself for others, especially my family. Creating a five-step plan to complete my goal is something I see as a stepping block in being successful in school. First thing for myself to do is cut out the outside interference. I am always worried about what others think about my decisions’ I have made but not what I think is best. Second would be to complete a self evaluation, and assessment of how I can accomplish my goal. Third would be for myself to prioritize my objectives and the people in my life. The negativity and procrastination must cease so I can earn my degree. Fourth would be using my time wisely. Instead of talking on the phone for hours with family and friends I could be studying so I will stay a head of my assignments. The fifth and final step to my plan would be taking control of my schooling. This step is very important in me obtaining my degree. I have to work extra hard at becoming a better student and using the resources to help succeed.

I believe the difference between a short-term goal and a long-term goal is straightforward. The time of commitment to complete is a big difference. My short-term goal of focusing more on myself is just the steps leading to completing my long-term goal of graduating from college and obtaining my degree. Once I graduate from college my family along with my children will benefit. I am the first person in my family to attend college so finishing will make the Thompson’s proud. My children will be able can look up to me knowing that I completed college.
As I evaluate my goal, I must see what sacrifices need to be made so, can become a better person and student. I need to make sure my goal...