HIPAA Tutorial

Summarize, in 150 to 200 words, the main points that you gleaned from the tutorial. Include the following:

What did you learn from the HIPAA tutorial?
Why is this information important?
How will you use this information in the future?
  *         After watching the HIPAA tutorial, I learned that privacy of patient’s information is something that is not taken lightly. The privacy of the patient’s information is a significant part of the internal workings on any health care facility. There are repercussions to not following the procedures correctly when protecting a patient’s file. As I was watching the tutorial, I remembered that I signed the HIPAA contract the last time that I was in the doctor’s office. I also started to remember that when a patient walked through the doors to the exam room, the nurses and doctors were very adamant about the height of language the patient and employees used.   This information is important to ensure that every patient’s right to privacy is met. If I personally found out that my information was in someone’s hands that it was not supposed to be, I would be absolutely mad and upset. I could only imagine how another would feel! In the future, I intend on using what I have learned to ensure that the safety of each and every patient’s information is concealed, according to the HIPAA laws and statutes. I would not want anyone getting my personal information, so why should I allow anyone else to get another persons?